Fair Chase Hunting Ranch Code of Ethics


PURPOSE: To enhance and promote the profession of managing and hunting big game species on privately owned hunting ranches.  These hunting ranches must maintain a safe hunting environment and provide high standards of ethical conduct while promoting responsible managementpractices and the communication of this code of ethics to consumers and other key constituents.

GLOBAL GOAL – To provide the client with a positive and safe hunting experience while ensuring the welfare of the animals.

ETHIC #1 –  The personal safety of owners, guides and the guests visiting the hunting ranch is of paramount importance.  All hunting equipment and ammunition should be kept appropriately and in a safe manner at all times.

ETHIC #2 – The facilities provided and the management action undertaken should ensure and maintain the welfare and well being of the animals within the hunting ranch.

ETHIC #3 – The hunting ranch operator should only hunt in or offer an environment of fair chase hunting which should be defined as hunting in any area by any appropriate method which provides the hunted animal a reasonable chance and opportunity to elude the hunter.

ETHIC #4 – The method of hunting employed on hunting ranches should ensure that the animal is hunted in a responsible and ethical manner, and should take every precaution as is reasonable to ensure that the meat and products of any animal is fully utilized.

ETHIC #5 – Appropriate fences should be designed, constructed and maintained to safely prevent the ingress and egress of big game animals on the hunting ranch.

ETHIC #6 – Venison harvests or the dispatching of sick animals should not be referred to as hunting.

ETHIC #7 – The hunting ranch operator should maintain proper records and follow all State and Federal laws pertaining to hunting ranches within their state.

ETHIC #8 – Hunting ranches should accurately represent the hunting opportunities offered to the client.

ETHIC #9 – All advertising and promotional materials provided by the hunting ranches should responsibly convey a positive image consistent with ethical hunting.

ETHIC #10 – Hunting ranch operators should take every opportunity to promote a positive image to the
general public and participate in programs to provide harvested animals to people in need.

ETHIC #11 – The hunting ranch operator, guide and hunter should exhibit personal actions and ethics that  strive for the betterment and preservation of hunting and conservation.