On April 7th 2018 many of you attended the PDFA’s annual membership meeting and fundraiser, the “PA Deer & Outdoor Expo”. As part of the annual meeting, voting is conducted and one third of the Board of Directors for the PDFA is elected.

The voting process takes place in person at the meeting each year allowing the general membership the opportunity to elect the PDFA Board of Directors. Absentee ballets are always available through the PDFA office for those unable to attend.

2018 saw the elections of Amos Stotlzfus, Darin Witmer, Mark Gee, Todd Gerhinger, and John Erivn Stoltzfus. Congratulations the new directors and thanks to the membership for participating in the process.

On Wednesday May 2nd the new board convened in the Milliron and Goodman office, Harrisburg, PA for our first meeting post election to nominate and confirm new PDFA leadership. Following leadership nominations, the board assigned new committee chair/co-chair positions, and committee members.

PDFA Executive Team leadership is annually nominated and voted on within the Board of Directors. We refer to this process as “restructuring”. The results of the new executive team are as follows:

President: Jarrid Barry
Vice President: Josh Newton
Treasurer: Amos Stoltzfus
Secretary: Todd Gehringer

Committee Chair positions are the lead roles for each respective committee and the workhorses of the board. Each is tasked, in conjunction with the Executive team, with development of committee’s goals both short and long term. The committee chairs are as follows;

Membership- Mark Saner

Spring Sale- Darin Witmer

Policy and Ethics- Darin Witmer

Political Action Fund- Vernon Troyer

Hunting Ranch Council- Mike Gee

Public Relations/ Marketing- Josh Newton

Fall Sale- Samuel King

Legislative and Regulatory- Josh Newton

Budget- Amos Stoltzfus

Compliance- Bob Byers

Semen Raffle- Samuel King

Moving Forward…

As each committee develops its initiatives for the coming year additional “Press Releases” will be presented to the General Membership as a means of communicating the boards vision. We ask that if you have ideas regarding any of the committee’s, you submit comment to our PDFA office via email at kpittenger1@verizon.net or join us at one of our meetings.

We truly look forward to working for each of you!

Josh Newton, Vice President